Thursday, February 21, 2008

Seen Or Not?

Student Melissa Fiering, 18, said she called out to the girl, who bore a striking resemblance to Madeleine McCann in the South of France and said she had a distinctive fleck in her right eye.

The child looked startled at the sound of her name and the "tall, swarthy" man she was with quickly bundled her out of the restaurant.

There has been many reported sighting of the girl but this is only the second time someone has claimed to have identified a girl with the unusual marking in her eye.

French police are inspecting CCTV footage of the student calling to the child at the service station in Montpellier on Friday.

Miss Fiering was in a self-service restaurant called L'Arche on the A9 motorway from France to Spain, listening to music on her mobile phone, when she noticed a child a close by, dancing to the tune.

The student's friend thought she recognised the girl and they walked over to get a closer look. Miss Fiering, from Nijmegen in Holland, said: "When I saw the little girl, I recognised her immediately.

"At first I could not believe it. She was about 6ft away from me. She had the same deformation in her eye.

"I had followed everything about the story on TV and I knew about the 'cat' eye.

"She looked just the same, though she was skinnier about the face and her hair was shorter.

"I called out, 'Madeleine', and she looked up. The man with her was about 6ft tall, with black hair, a black leather jacket and several days growth of stubble.

"When I shouted out, he put on her coat and hat and bundled her away.

"I tried to take a picture of her on my phone, but I did not get it."

Miss Fiering, said: "I wish I had stopped that man. I wanted to pick her up at first, I am so sorry that I didn't do that."

So do I, as I've said before I believe the girl is still alive, who knows what she has endured in all this time?
It does take courage to stand up against a stranger but it was in public and there was a couple of them. There was more at stake than worrying about causing a scene or a few blows to the head messing up yer Rachel hair do.
Maybe she wasn't 100% sure. If this is a true account she will curse herself for years about not acting to save Madeleine.

Have you ever put a small child's hat and coat on them? it doesn't happen in a blur, there was time to take some kind of picture even if it was them walking off.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The McCann Guilt

In an interview with Vanity Fair Gerry McCann said he is tortured by guilt that Madeleine's disappearance is his fault , he also admitted there was only a "slim" chance his daughter was alive .
This has been my problem with the McCanns for all this time, only tears of grief were shown no admittance of fault which just came off as a lack of responsibility and arrogance.

"I wish I hadn't gone to the tapas bar," said Mr McCann . "I wish I'd stayed in the apartment that night. I wish I'd stayed in the room when I checked on her five minutes longer. "
Hindsight is 20/20 but really common sense and a lack of value on yer children, you have been taught the value of them now and Madeleine that poor gurl paid the price for yer having a good time than being a parent.

"Of course we feel guilty about not having been there and that is just something we have to deal with for the rest of our lives. We live this 24 hours a day."

You should feel guilty. It reminds me about a teenage gurl who was babysitting a toddler, during a bath she answered the phone only to come back and find the toddler drown. Somethings should never happen and its the actions and stupidity of people that let them happen.

He said the Find Madeleine campaign was to take on a "commercial dimension" to keep it in the black. It emerged on Tuesday that the couple could make £2 million from a film about Madeleine's disappearance. A book deal and even TV chat shows are also being discussed.

Maybe making money of their little gurls disappearance will ease their guilt. How many millions before you feel better? beats being doctors huh?

The couple, who are both suspects in their daughter's disappearance, say she was taken from her bed while they ate dinner with friends at nearby restaurant, though not near enough to look after their kids.

The Portuguese police allegedly offered Mrs McCann a two-year jail sentence if she confessed to accidentally killing Madeleine and hiding her body, she , rejected the deal saying: "I'm not going to f****** lie!"

"The police told her during the interviews that her other two children might be taken away."
Considering what great parents they are I don't feel too bad about that idea.
The McCanns are to blame to the gurl getting taken that is a fact, they are only guilty of child neglect due to selfishness and stupidity.
I have good instincts about things and right now I believe that Madeleine is still alive. Her existence and what people have done to her makes me wish she had a quick death at the start. I doubt she will ever be found. If they even get close to finding her she would then be killed as she is nothing more than a play thing for those who have her.
I look at the poor gurls eyes and feel such sorrow and fear, she will resign herself to her now life and that will be the only one she will know.

I would risk my life to get her back from those who have her. I'm sorry I can't be there for you gurl.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The McCann Circus

Kate McCann has been accused of being hot, I second the motion.

Retired solicitor Tony Bennett has failed in his bid to issue a summons against Gerald and Kate McCann for offences to do with section 1 of the Children and Young Persons Act 1933. Which makes liable anyone aged 16 and over who is in charge of a minor for their safety.

It has been refused as the court didn't have the necessary jurisdiction. C'mon lad you should have known this, I suspect self promotion.

That's what happens when the crime occurs in a 3rd world country like Portugal. Mr Bennett who is a qualified social worker was concerned that no action was being taken to prosecute the McCanns for child neglect .

No shit mate, since the abduction of Madeleine McCann which happened on the 3rd May this year its been a media circus full of concerned rich celebs all conveniently ignoring how the crime was allowed to happen in the first place.

The McCann's family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said the couple had committed no offence under UK law or any other country's law.

So because no one wants to prosecute neglectful parents that makes it ok? the UK went to the trouble of writing out a young persons act in 1933 so I actually think its an offence in at least one country .

It reminds me of parents who drown their children and then fight in the courts to get off with it. Maybe I'm the type of person to feel guilty if I had done such a thing that whatever happened to me I'd figure that I deserved it.

I don't want the McCanns to go to prison for their neglect, I think in this case that would be counterproductive and not very popular. I want them to admit neglect and for the government to announce that its not ok to leave yer toddlers home or in another country while on holiday unsupervised while you go out and enjoy yerself , sure popping into the back garden to hang up yer washing is ok but to physically leave the premises out of ear shot while you drink wine and enjoy the witty conversation of yer friends is not acceptable.

It fucking well annoys me the attitude and pussy footing around this case, finding a technical legal loop-hole supported by the international laws of a 3rd world country does not make it right.

I was raised to be respectful of authority figures and that included Doctors as they were supposed highly educated but these two Doctors are fucking mongs as are many other authority figures these days.

I now value those with common sense more than those with power over others and diplomas .

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

False Alarm

If we got a clear as picture as this on the news programmes and web sites then we could see it wasn't Madeleine. It strikes me as manipulation by the press to tease you into tuning in.

The girl in the picture wasn't Madeleine McCann. Journalists tracked her down and found her to be Bushra the daughter of an olive farmer, she is a Moroccan of Berber origin.

Unrelated the directors of Madeleine's Fund announced they have spent about £300,000 so far. Much of the money has been spent on poster campaigns, private investigators and the McCanns' living expenses.

Everyone Sees Her Too Late

Is this the image of Madeleine McCann that was taken in Morocco 3 weeks ago by a Spanish tourist? I saw it on the telly and to me it did look like her and she seemed out of place with the people she was with. A part of me hopes she is long dead and her suffering is over, I also pray that she is quickly returned and they didn't harm her, its a sad case all round, those sick bastards that took her will pay.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

And I'm A Clown Fish

Comedian Patrick Kielty has apologised for jokes he made about missing child Madeleine McCann. While doing a show in Dublin he asked the audience to vote on the McCann's innocence and this caused a few mongs to walk out. The London audience last week didn't have any trouble with it.

Another comedian Sean Hughes also apologised after making a joke around the time of the McCanns' visit to Pope Benedict, I wonder if he said something like , "Now they are asking the Pope if he has anything to do with it, don't priests only like boys?" wait a minute I was the one that said that.

Shame on the both of yous making jokes at the expense of others, I actually met Kielty once and I must say while I stood at the next urinal draining the old lizard he did not make me laugh once, he did make me mad when he kept glancing doon at my huge cock though.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Those Poor McCanns

Even at the 10 year memorial for Princess Di Branson can still find a camera. I bet he doesn't know what the price of a bottle of milk is.

Richard Branson the beardy guy has money to throw around as you know. When he isn't funding pointless balloon trips, setting up impossible competitions to solve global warming, a thing that experts can't even agree if it exists or not hes throwing money into a space plane program.
I would hope that if I was as rich as that cunt is firstly I wouldn't look, sound and act like a hippy toff twat and I'd want to do some good in the world for the poor, the hungry and the sick, so whats he doing now? hes giving £200,000 to the McCanns for their legal defense and hopes to raise more for them. These cunts are well off Doctors who if they didn't kill their own daughter which I doubt they were neglectful of her, now they have millionaires throwing money at them, not to mention the find Madeleine fund that's paying for their extended holiday and round the world excursions.

Kate McCann is a fit looking bird who I'd do if she put some meat on her bones, every time she cries in front of the camera a millionaire writes a cheque.

The little gurl is dead and the Portuguese police are playing the blame game, thinking about what might have happened to the wee gurl makes me sick and the fact that police, parents and the media get on like this and focus in all the wrong places and just on the one case does the missing a grave injustice.